Who’s this guy?

I am the father of two girls and I share the world through their eyes in all things other than music, mass media, dating, video games… etc, etc.  I have been married for 16 years and not sure how.  All I know is its a good thing she is patient… and forgiving:)  She reminds me daily of the Garth Brooks song “Every Woman”; she’s sun and rain, she’s fire and ice, a little crazy but its nice…. If three isn’t enough I also have a female Golden Doodle who is three but acts three months and somehow has learned the neurosis of my kids and spouse, so, she fits right in…

I am a tech and twitter junkie, love photography and movies, hate reality TV and only watch serial TV once the season is over.  I am passionate about leadership and love to learn and share the lessons along the way.  I have toiled in wireless, big box CE and the big blue ocean aboard the HMCS Mackenzie.

Strategic, Significance, Competition, Acheiver and Woo are my talent themes.

The views and opinions expressed herein are my own and do not reflect those of my employer, my spouse, or any brand or reference within.  This weblog is a creative endeavor and for informational purposes only.  I make no claim of accuracy or completeness of the  information within and it represents the feelings and opinions solely of the creator (me, not anyone omnipotent) at time of posting.  There is a good chance even I disagree with some of what’s contained here so feel free to complain, challenge, refute or argue but keep in mind I reserve the right to delete any comment, potentially on the basis it makes you look smarter than me.

I make all analysis and comment in good faith and with honest intent; that said, I will not compensate for decisions made based on the information within that lead to damage, loss, inconvenience or accident.  I have received no compensation for opinion or comment within but I am absolutely willing to post for money… just not here:)

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